About the name

The name Enoptron comes from a book by the Greek philosopher Eudoxus of Cnidus (c410 - c347 BC) and means "mirror of the world." It was chosen because that is the root of our activities:

We hold up a mirror to your organisation and reflect how it really is.

Only then do we work to improve it.

"Mirror of the World" is also the title of a popular encyclopaedia which was the first illustrated book to be printed in England. It was first published by William Caxton in 1481. [Click to learn more]

A new book about the history of art entitled "Mirror of the World" by Julian Bell has recently been published. We have not yet read it, but will publish a review, for interest value. on our blog soon.


Director : Indranath Neogy

With a career history that has spanned a number of countries and industries, I am ideally placed to understand the subcultures that arise in organisations and the communication problems that can result.

Originally trained as an Engineer, with experience and education (MBA) as a manager, I have worked in a variety of industries: Media, Telco/Internet, Health and IT. I have learned to appreciate the languages of skilled specialists (e.g. doctors, network engineers, photographers) and the managers who work with them. He is also a currently qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Experience working in the IT field, dealing with CRM, Fault Reporting, Field Dispatch and Knowledge Management gives me the knowledge and confidence to recognise the difference between technical and human communication problems.

From working in 5 different countries, with multi-language teams, I have developed a sensitivity to the cultural assumptions that can dominate communication between people from different places.

Experience in companies of different sizes, from a startup of 6 people to a telecoms company with 5 million customers has given me insights into the conflicts between entrepreneurial and corporate values as well as the relationship of business unit to the centre of the organisation.