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The importance of lateral communications

Developing corporate strategy requires the flow of information up as well as down and the successful implementation of that strategy depends on crucial information flowing from "side to side" between different parts of the organisation.

Your competitors will match you in creating a strategic vision and working to sell it to their organisation. The next step in organisation performance is developing the lateral communication capacity of the business.

Traditionally, internal communications has skated by identifying or engaging with different groups inside a company. Our unique approach is to identify the subcultures within an organisation and work directly with them to improve lateral communications, using cultural workshop and communication process tools.

Intra-Group Communication

Our signature service is built around solving problems of culture clash that are costing you money:

As business becomes ever more knowledge intensive, the failure to communicate information and ideas becomes an ever bigger drag on performance. A unique understanding of the dynamics between groups, rooted in their cultural differences allows us to identify and solve problems other consultancies do not even recognise:

International Co-operation

We have a high degree of expertise in understanding cross-cultural issues, which makes us well placed to deal with international problems. If you have departments in different countries who don't communicate well, or just want to form better links with a key supplier or joint-venture partner, we can help. We have particular experience in dealing with markets across Asia (China, Korea and India), Europe (EU old and new) and Australia and the USA.