Key elements of how we work:

Cultural Understanding

Groupings, or "subcultures" develop inside every organisation and these are often at the root of blocked lateral communication. Subculture clashes may develop around:

Traditionally, internal communications has skated by engaging with the differences between these groups. Our unique approach is to identify the subcultures within an organisation and work directly with them to improve lateral communications, using tools and techniques developed in the international arena. Typically this might involve:


Too many organisations and consultants rely on Information Technology to solve all their communication problems. From years of working with intranets, knowledge management solutions and CRM software we have come to understand that only rarely is more technology the answer. Our independence from technology solutions firms allows us to approach your problems with an open mind. If technology can help we will recommend it, but we will never ignore the human side of the problem.

Processes and procedures

Whilst the arrangement of cultures and the politics of different parts of the organisation are obstacles to communication that must be resolved, this is not all that must be done. Too often "better communications" resides in a fuzzy world of "engagement" and "encouraging best practice." We bring a solid business focus to communications in your organisation. Clearing blockages is important, but information flow must be backed up with structure. If it is vital to communicate certain items of business across the organisation then it must be made the responsibility of someone and they need guidance on how to perform that task and suitable feedback and rewards for doing so. We have the expertise to design and implement such process and procedure changes to benefit your organisation.