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Our first, specialty, Intra-Group Communication is most useful to larger organisations who have grown beyond the "extended family" atmosphere that helps keep smaller enterprises and departments working and communicating well.

However, we have all worked with, or inside, companies and departments where that familiar atmosphere of easy communication ("just step over to their desk and have a word") has broken down.

Morrison and Milliken (2000) coined the phrase "organisational silence" to describe such a situation:

It is usually very difficult indeed for anyone inside such a situation to admit to themselves that things have "gotten this bad." It is even harder to look alone from the inside and answer the vital questions "how did it get this way?" and "how do we fix it?"

We bring a calm, business focused outside perspective to help identify and solve these problems. We will not waste your time trying to instantly build a "land of milk and honey" where everything goes right, but we will help you travel the hard road to a business which is functioning, rather than dysfunctioning.